Two 2; Jim Cartwright revisits the lives, loves and laughs of regulars in a Northern boozer. Time may have passed but the pub is still standing - just.

Punters are now few and far between, and despite all attempts at quiz nights, karaoke and pub grub it could soon be last orders for the struggling landlord and lady.

At odds with one another, but holding it together one shift at a time, their lives have become as bitter as the ale they serve.

But when a once in a life time opportunity presents itself in the form of a one way ticket out of there, will either of them have the courage to turn their backs on the pub, and most importantly, each other?


Blue Merrick

Keith Hukin

Tour Dates

  • 3rd Apr.. Henry Fanshawe, Dronfield
  • 4th Apr.. The Met, Bury
  • 5th Apr.. Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
  • 6th Apr.. Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate
  • 10th Apr.. Cast, Doncaster
  • 12th Apr.. Square Chapel, Halifax
  • 24th Apr.. Riverhead Theatre, Louth
  • 25th Apr.. Queens Hal, Hexham
  • 26th Apr.. The Theatre, Middlesbrough
  • 27th Apr.. Village Hall, Tickton
  • 1st May.. Guildhall Theatre, Derby
  • 2nd May.. Guildhall Theatre, Derby
  • 3rd May.. St Mary's, Lichfield
  • 4th May.. St Mary's, Lichfield
  • 8th May.. Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield
  • 11th May.. Village Hall, Rudston